Ameobi Hardship Fund for International Students (AHFIS) is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, with charity number 1138926. AHFIS was born out of a passion by John and Margaret Ameobi to assist international students, who in the course of their studies and/or research here in the UK, run into financial difficulties due to no fault of their own.

John Ameobi himself had studied for a doctorate degree in Newcastle upon Tyne; and he is an acknowledged leader in the Christian community. In his position, he had come across several students who have had to drop out of the university due to hardship and unexpected turn around in their family fortunes and support network.

And being a firm believer that we all are beneficiaries of God’s grace and mercies, and that we all have an obligation to put something back into the society, a desire for AHFIS was born.  AHFIS was officially launched on September 8th, 2007. This cause is supported by the Ameobi family and individual sponsors.

The wheels to formalise this charity was set in motion. Among other things, the Board of Trustees was appointed and the eligibility criteria set out for disbursing grants to deserving beneficiaries. The Board of Trustees have all bought into the vision of AHFIS and have also imbibed a passion for this higher calling to make a positive impact to the lives of international students here in the UK.



From the inception of AHFIS in September 2007 to March 2017, a total of sixty two deserving students had benefited from the AHFIS grants to the tune of over £51,000 as part contribution towards the completion of their studies and/or research.


Our main challenges, however, have been that of raising sufficient finance and funds for this just cause. We, therefore, welcome donations from individuals and organisations who share the AHFIS vision and passion for building bigger people and who are willing to partner with AHFIS to assist international students complete their studies and/or research successfully.

Within you and I, lie the God-given power to make the educational aspirations of other people come true as we step out and reach out to assist such people. We, therefore, invite you and your organisation to partner with AHFIS.

If you or your organisation would like to support this vision please find the AHFIS bank details under the DONATE section. We welcome a one off and/or a regular donation (the AHFIS Support Form is available for you to download, complete and return as detailed). Please use your name as reference for the purpose of acknowledgement.

God bless you.