All applications for AHFIS grant are considered at the meetings of the Board of Trustees and recommendations are made based on the AHFIS criteria (as outlined in the funding section), the urgency of the application situation and the various scenarios presented by the applicant. The Board of Trustees sits three to four times a year to consider any application(s); and their decision is final.

Each beneficiary is requested to give progress report of their education and situation, and if necessary a follow on grant may be awarded if required and considered necessary to ensure completion of their studies and/or research.

Applications are welcome from members of the international student community here in the UK.

Pastor Dr. J. B. Ameobi

Mrs. M. E. Ameobi

Revd Dr. P. K. Adegbie

Mrs. T. N. Adegbie

Mrs. E. M. Jaiyesimi

Mr Tom Greensides