AHFIS seeks to assist international students whose funding has suddenly ceased due to circumstances beyond their control.


Such students must be studying or doing research in any of the UK institutions of higher learning.


The grant is a contribution towards the completion of the beneficiary's studies and/or research and not to pay the tuition fees in its entirety.



The remit for grant and the eligibility criteria are as outlined below:

  1. AHFIS is a hardship fund charity; it is NOT a scholarship awarding body.

  2. Applicant has to be an international student already studying in any of the UK institutions of higher learning to be eligible.

  3. The AHFIS grant is meant to help the beneficiary towards the tuition fees and NOT for personal upkeep.

  4. The maximum grant at any one time does not exceed £1,000.

  5. The fund is to help students who are near the completion of their studies and/or research.

If you fit this criteria, please DOWNLOAD the application form, completely fill it and send it to;

 c/o The Apostolic Church
       6 Callerton Place
       Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5NQ

Or email